Looking Back on an Experience in China


Trinh Pham, 12, Staff Writer

The Global Language Magnet Program is a program where you can learn about the business world while developing the knowledge and the experience of job shadowing. As part of the first class, the students learn Chinese and business together. As a reward, they got to go to the business capital of the world, China, and learn more Chinese.

The students were lucky to be able to explore China’s culture, and how they are running their businesses.

“When we were in China, we saw so many beautiful things,” said senior Kaitlin Pickett. “We went to gardens, temples, markets and so much more. We ate new foods and tried things that were outside of our comfort zone, it was just amazing.”

China’s economy is the world’s second largest and fastest growing economy. The country is also the largest global exporter and importer of goods. It is diverse with every key sector of the economy thriving.

The trip was filled with chances to learn, whether through person-to-person interaction, site visits, or cultural awakening.

“We got to visit vibrant and colorful Beijing, China’s financial heartbeat, Shanghai, and Tianjin with many appealing foods,” said Kaitlin.

One of China’s most iconic landmarks remains the Great Wall of China, which gives the students the opportunity to explore the historic site built to protect the Chinese Empire from northern invaders. Its form also provides students with a stimulus to consider its structural design. These unique experiences contributed to students’ personal and social development.

“I’m glad that GISD provides the opportunity for the students to travel and learn,” said GBL Program Sponsor Mrs. Glick. “This is such a great program for every student to expand their knowledge.”

All of the students visiting China developed strong connections, and they learned so much about the Chinese culture in business. Students were left with many unforgettable memories.

“The trip will forever be meaningful to me,” said Kaitlin. “It was my first time going international and it was an epic.”