It’s Time for Ranger Basketball


By Ryan Hampton, 12 – Timberline Editor

Basketball season is here! After barely missing out on the playoffs last season, the Naaman Forest varsity men’s basketball team is set for a major comeback. I sat down with varsity head coach Kyle Lintelman to weigh in on his predictions for the upcoming season while also gathering additional information on his career in basketball.

  1. Where did you attend college? I went to Austin College in Sherman and earned my masters at Baylor.
  2. What’s inspired you to coach basketball?  I have a passion for the game and want to help young men become the best version of themselves.
  3. How long and what have you been coaching at Naaman? It’s my sixth year coaching and third year as varsity head coach. I spent 1 year as the JV coach and 2 years as the varsity assistant.
  4. How has coaching varsity basketball differentiated from any other level? The main difference is that every decision comes down to what you want. Any responsibility falls on your shoulders.
  5. How do you plan on improving as a coach from year to year? I go and watch colleges around the area practice in the summer and fall each year. In the spring, I go to coach’s clinics where different coaches from the college and NBA level come and talk about different strategies.
  6. Have you seen potential in many underclassmen in the program? Yes, they all work really hard. A few can really shoot the ball and get after it defensively. Our freshman are also very athletic and will become an asset at the varsity level in the future.
  7. What are your expectations for the varsity team this year? We should be a playoff team and one that competes every game and every day at all times.

The varsity boys’ season is now underway and with seniors Kevante Harris, Chris Coley, Christian Holly, Daveon Lampkins, and Jordan Jones eager to leave their mark at Naaman, their vision couldn’t be clearer. Coach Lintelman is also excited to work a younger core into the rotation to see their potential grow over the next couple of years.

The team will compete in several games across the metroplex prior to their district contests, which is posted on the Naaman Forest website under the basketball link, so make sure you come out this season and support Rangers basketball!