Spin it in the Winter Guard

Ronaldo Arriaga, 10, Staff Writer, Photographer

Winter flags are in full swing. The team is putting in work to revive a program that has been missing at Naaman since 2016.

“I feel very good about the change in culture to the school,” senior Ke’Axia Shed said.

They have their first competition Friday, January 24, at LoveJoy High School.

“Honestly, I am nervous, because we will only have six people competing,” “But I am glad I am one who gets to participate,” sophomore Joselyn Gomez said.

For some, this is their first year ever with the color guard.

“I believe most of us are prepared to compete, but we have a few newer ones that I know are very nervous and aren’t mind ready for what’s to come,” Ke’Axia said.

The winter guard has been perfecting technique on weapon, flag and dance to have a successful season. 

“In class and in rehearsals we practice to make sure we move as one and are able to do what we need to do for the show,” junior Alyssa Alvarez said.

Their show is based on the song called “Falling Like The Stars.” 

“It is about falling in love, and we are the stars falling from the sky and that is the image we are trying to portray,” Joselyn said.

Over the course of the year the team bonds during rehearsals, all to achieve success.

“I love not just being in the winter guard but in the color guard,” Joselyn said. “We have made a lot of close relationships and they feel like my family.”

The benefits are more than a growing family.

“It’s fun learning with new people,” Alyssa said. “I’m still gonna do my best so we can win.”

They strive to be successful at their competitions this season.

“We’ve practiced very hard and gave our all in the last few runs,” Ke’Axia said.