Football Playoff Time in the Forest

Ryan Mitchell, 10, Writer

On Friday, November 15 the Rangers faced off against the McKinney Lions in the first round of playoffs. It was a highly anticipated game in the Forest and everyone knew it. When 7 o’clock came the fans on both sides were ready to see a good game and that’s exactly what they got.

The first half was an offensive struggle for the Rangers, but the defense kept them in it allowing only 10 points. 

“We knew what we had to do to stay in the game and that’s what we did,” defensive back senior Kieran Wright said.

Going into halftime both defenses were dominant.

The second half was a different story, Naaman came roaring back led by junior quarterback, Austin Valdez and company.

“Man it just felt like the offense could do no wrong, we were on a role,” quarterback junior Austin Valdez said.

They scored 10 unanswered points and the defense continued to be a brick wall not allowing any points in the third and most of the fourth quarter.

“After half time our offense was clicking, we finally showed up to play,” Wright said.

The rangers managed to tie up the game in the 4th and the fans were loving it. The energy in the stadium was electric and everybody could feel it.

With a minute left the Lions got the ball and drove down the field and kicked the game winning field goal as time expired.

It was a heartbreaking ending to a comeback story of the ages.

The silence in the stadium “said it all,” Wright said after the game.

This team, the team that battled their way into playoffs after an 0-5 start, had full confidence in themselves.

Although they didn’t go as far as they hoped, this was the first step of a marathon that this football program had to run.

The fans were with this team through thick and thin. They were there right up until the end.

“It hurt to watch it end like that but they had a good season that they should be proud of,” sophomore Kenny Delucca said after the game.

After all is said and done, this team will be remembered by the fight they had in them all season.