What’s Next?

The Future May be Bright, but it Can Also Be Scary


Jazmin Velazquez, Staff Writer

Senior year: the year every student looks forward to. For some it’s the student section at the football games, chants at the pep rallies, homecoming, or prom. But for others it’s the most stressful year of their life.

Celeste Morales is one of those stressed out seniors. She has her regular course load as well as being a second year member on the Forester yearbook staff and a first year writer on the Timberline newspaper staff. Celeste has a full plate before beginning to think about where she will head to after high school.

“Preparing for college is a big step, but being indecisive [about] where to apply is very stressful,” Celeste said.

Many students still don’t know what they want to pursue in life. For now, some seniors are just trying to get through high school.

“I know that I want to be in the journalism industry, but knowing what college is best for that type of career is difficult to know where to apply, ” she said. 

As many are excited to finish high school, some need to set into reality and figure out the next chapter in their life.

“Although this is an exciting year for me, it is also the most stressful,” Celeste said.