Philosophical Questions with Ryan Mitchell

Frank Macias, Staff Writer/Photographer

“I would be okay with saving 10 people and letting an important figure such as my parents die in their place,” sophomore Ryan Mitchell said.

This is uncommonly seen in that most of the time it is vice versa. You do not know the people so that is the argument in this particular question.

Ryan is a first year writer with the Timberline newspaper. The focus is on getting to know the staff members and who the people are behind the stories, since the focus is usually on someone else.

Answering philosophical questions is often a tough task for people to do. They often have to think long and hard, but it seemed that Ryan had some of these questions already answered in his mind due to how fast he answered.

“I believe in aliens, there has to be something out there besides us,” Ryan said. 

It is a common answer and one expected to hear. People typically ponder upon such thoughts. 

On a similar topic, Ryan also said, “There has to be a correlation between science and religion, they can both work with each other and help solve themselves.”

Usually, religion is a topic not discussed on school grounds, but it was interesting to see Ryan’s opinion on it.