A Growing Program Energizes the Naaman Golf Team


By Ryan Hampton, 12 – Timberline Editor

The Naaman Forest golf team is back and ready for 2018. Not only are the seasoned veterans eager to get back on the course there are a handful of newcomers ready to prove their worth.

After beginning the season with zero girls in the golf program, Naaman now has six on the roster. Savannah Caldwell, senior captain of the girls’ golf team, was the first to join last fall. Although she wasn’t able to compete in any tournaments at the time, she’s worked hard each and every day at practice, pushing not only herself but the guys as well. After some recruiting, she has her own team to lead now.

“I am very excited to have a girls’ team and I expect a lot of hard work from the girls along with a great year!” Savannah explained.

Coach Cook shares his take on building a girls team.

“I’m pumped and super excited,” he expressed. “I’m constantly monitoring my email to see when the counselors add a new girl to the program. I also take some pride in practically doubling our team in size this semester. Having another team gives us a better chance to fill up that trophy chase along with growing team chemistry with more people.”

The new additions to the program are Skyelar Nelson (12), Annessa Roberts (12), Katherine Rubi (11), Courtney Harkins (11), and Catherine Ballard (9). In addition to reviving the girls’ golf team, the boys added a few names to their roster as well. Carlos Izaguirre (12), Joshua Granillo (11), and Connor Davidson (10) are also joining the program and are just as eager as the girls are to get things started.

Both teams representing Naaman Forest, each player in the program has anticipated the opportunity to get back out there.

Coach Cook explained that he expects some, “stiff competition to make the varsity team, as well as everyone to push each other to get better.” He also added that he’d, “love to see one if not both of our teams get to regionals this year.”

Of course, everyone on the team is hungry to chase down the ultimate goal of the season: a district championship. With the first tournament of the year approaching in February, both teams are ready to get to work.