Join the Photography Club

Tayla Hernandez, 10, Staff Writer

Like to be creative and make friends?  Or maybe need some time away from all the stress you deal with in academic classes?  Have you ever tried being behind a camera? Ever felt the delight of snapping a cherished moment in time?  By being involved in the newly formed Photography Club you can pursue all of these actions. As you venture into this club, you will learn new ways to focus in on different aspects of life, all the while learning how to take aesthetic images.  In the Photography Club you will understand the art of capturing memories. To be close to other individuals that also enjoy the beautiful moments in life, which is the central purpose of creating this club.

This club also allows its members a chance to explore and expand their talents.  Meetings will take place from 2:45 P.M. to 3:15 P.M. room 104 beginning on Wednesday April 24, 2019.  Specifics of the club are still to be determined, but meetings will occur at least once a month up to every two weeks.

Targeted candidates are people willing to learn and undertake unique perspectives.  The key to the process of learning is to be able to take the criticism.

“The best way to have fun,” club co-founder and junior Ethan Diep explains, “is to be outgoing.”

Some of the club activities will include tests any photographer may encounter being solved through short fun contests.

The contests  will “limit your techniques” in order to train photographers to take the best photos under the worst circumstances club co-founder and junior Hoa Tran said.  Then when you win, the photo from the photographer that took the best photo will be posted on

“Social media [through] Instagram,” Hoa declared.

With this aspect others will get to view their photos publicly, and will hopefully get those people interested in their cause to have a good time, enjoying those memories.  This allows the rest of the group to learn by taking pointers away from each work a winner completes.

Ethan concluded “there will also be efforts made to have the best photos printed as gigantic posters.”

By posting the posters all over the school, they hope to better promote the club and to also make the contestant known throughout the school.

“This club is going to be the best thing about Naaman Forest,” Hoa predicts.