Tennis Anyone?


By Nhi Le, 12 – Timberline Staff Writer

The second semester brings its seasonal changes with the end of football comes the rise of several sports including tennis.

What many do not know is that our tennis team actually has two seasons, one being for the team and one for individual players. With the spring hosting the individual competitions, it’s every man for themselves.

“The pressure is on,” senior Rosie Nguyen stated. “Coach isn’t there as much to motivate because there are ten other matches your teammates are playing at the same time. So you have to motivate yourself constantly.”

There are a bunch of tournaments in the spring with five back-to-back every Friday. Constantly playing for several weeks straight can get tiring, but it’s all geared towards the ultimate goal of earning a spot in the playoffs. These tournaments are key in preparing for the postseason and to see how we fair against our potential competition before actually playing them.

“It makes you really try 110% because you want to be the best,” junior Emily Teller explained.

The spring season will continue on this Friday in Frisco. As the year intensifies, everyone continues to strive for success.