Martin Garrix Meets Dallas


By Cecillia Le, 12 and Julie Van, 12
Timberline Staff Writers

World’s #1 DJ, Martin Garrix, came to Stereo Live Dallas on Friday, April 13, for his sold-out show. It has been many years since he’s been in Dallas and this was the year for him to perform his newest sets. Martin became a phenomenon at under 18, which is very difficult in the music-making industry. His #1 hit, “Animals” was released in 2013 when he was only just 16 years old. The video now has over one billion views and counting. Our experience of the show was mind-blowing! It was one of the best shows ever showcased here in Dallas. His energy was amazing along with his visual and background effects. This sold-out event was a memorable night for Dallas. The full crowd was giving off so much passion that we were all drained at the end of the show. It was worth all the time and money we spent on his tour. He is someone that everyone should all see even if you’re not into the EDM scene.