One Love


By Giselle Gutierrez, 12
Timberline Staff Writer

“One Love” is an organization led by student Ashish Haque that brings students together who stand up for what they believe in. The members usually meet in Mrs.Watts room to bring their ideas to the table.

The club will be coming together soon to design t-shirts to represent the club. They are planning to incorporate an inspirational type of quote on the back that sends a positive message.

“The color scheme always leans towards pastels for us; we love those color tones,” Ashish mentions.

There’s a special symbol that identifies One Love as a simple heart, which they’ll include on their shirt. They will be gathering ideas from all members so they can make the perfect t-shirt to represent the organization’s vision.

If anyone is interested in helping with shirt ideas or would possibly like to join the club, speak with Ashish Haque or Mrs. Watts for more details.