Experiences at Earth Day


By Alexis Cornelison, 12 and Mariah Madrid, 12 – Timberline Staff Writers

Dallas’ Fair Park holds the world’s largest environmental experience convention, EarthX. Multiple activities were featured including surrounding the earth and its environment, such as scuba diving, goat yoga, succulent making, and informing guests about solar panels, watering systems, air pollution, the effects bees have on our environment plus more.

The AP Environmental Science class had the chance to take a field trip and experience EarthX for themselves.

Senior Michaela Polly was amazed about “how careless we treat this Earth.”

Attending the EarthX event inspired students to adopt better habits and even explore producing your own fruits and vegetables.

“My favorite moment throughout the day was planting my own watermelon seed,” said senior Erik Roque. “I never thought it would be so easy to replenish plant life.”

As you walked through the park, like fans, backpacks, and water bottles were handed to the guests that were all made from recycled items.

In all, EarthX was filled with educational experiences.